Where do I even begin with you.. One minute I’m watching one of your videos of you singing Common Denominator on Youtube at 15, and the next you’re turning 20. Time has seriously slipped away, and a lot of things have changed since you first started out. I’ve seen you at your best. I’ve seen you at your worst, and I know these past few years haven’t been easy. It’s so easy for everyone to sit back and act like they know you because of all of the negative things. Even through everything, you’re still one of the strongest people, I’m sure of it. If everyone could see the Justin that I do, they’d think the world of you. You’ve done so many good things for people all around the world, even more than you know.. You mean a lot to me, even though I don’t know you at all I still care about you. You piss me off, you make me laugh, and I think you deserve the best of everything. I hope this birthday of yours treats you well, because after everything that’s happened, you deserve all of that and more. I love you, Justin.

Happy Birthday.